About Comfort's Wood

A little about the history of Comfort's Wood

Comfort's Wood was gifted to the Woodland Trust in 1990, when it was a commercial orchard and arable land. The wood has been planted since with native broadleaved species. This woodland, with its grassy glades and rides, creates good habitat for birds and invertebrates. A memorial in the wood marks the resting place of Dr Alex Comfort , the celebrated author of the Joy of Sex, and Mrs Comfort who died since gifting the site.

And from the Kent County Council website:
Managed by the Woodland Trust, Comfort's Wood is made up of 11 hectares of former orchard and arable land. After being gifted to the Trust in 1990, a programme of planting was undertaken, and the area is now an established area of woodland. Exploring the woodland, you will find grassy glades and an open ride allowing access through the centre of the woods, while an open path runs around its edges. The site is bordered to the north by mature, oak-dominated, broadleaved woodland, which extends into Comfort's Wood. Following the older trees, you will enter Barnett's Wood,  also managed by the Woodland Trust and featuring a seasonal stream which bursts into colour when the bluebells and wood anemones bloom in spring. In the north-west corner, a small pond is surrounded by shrubs and bushes. Limited parking is available at the entrance to the woods on Swattenden Lane, with access to the site through kissing gates.

I walk these woods most days and sometimes twice a day, as they mature there is more of interest to see and record. I have walked around this special place in sun, rain, fog, snow, frost, wind and thunderstorms and it always has something new to show me. It has been a place of quiet contemplation too, a safe environment where I can wander at will with just my thoughts for company; although I am often accompanied by my little friend Herbie the terrier.

Never taken for granted, I am very aware just how lucky I am to be able to share in this slice of beautiful English countryside and it has become a constant in my life that I couldn't imagine being without.

With the aid of this little blog, I hope to be able to also share Comfort's Wood with you and I hope that my enthusiasm for this place comes across...

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The memorial stone within the woods where the Comfort's are buried

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