Wildlife (mostly invertebrates)

A page for the wildlife within the woods. This will be mostly invertebrate based as that's my real passion...

A Brassica Bug

The Sprawler- A Moth Caterpillar

A Mottled Umber Moth Caterpillar

A Moth Caterpillar

A Crab Spider

A Damselfly

A Longhorn Beetle

A Mayfly

A Snipe Fly

A Tortoise Beetle

A Red Fox

A Common Darter Dragonfly

I watched this little darter for ages and it kept returning to the same post to perch, I wondered if I placed my hand on the post, would it land on my finger?

A Common Darter Dragonfly

A Comma Butterfly

A Hoverfly

Small Tortoiseshell Larvae

A Comma Butterfly

A Gatekeeper Butterfly

A White-legged Damselfly

A White-legged Damselfly

A Speckled Wood Butterfly

A Garden Spider

Gasteruption jaculator-An Ichneumon Wasp

Young rabbits in spring 

A grass snake sitting on bracken

Bumblebee on bramble flower

A Blue Weevil (Byctiscus betulae)


  1. Stunning shots! Love the grass snake with the hopper on it!
    Think your Ichneumon wasp is Gasteruption jaculator. It's about the only one I can ID! ;-)

    1. Thank-you Maria-I will add your ID to the wasp...didn't even realise that hopper was on the snake until I looked on the computer ;-)